Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rescued Hearts - Why We Rescue

Thank you to our amazing and tireless volunteer, Rita, for sharing this poem - it really captures the reason we work so hard to rescue these precious pugs. For those who have fostered and spent nights, and sometimes weeks, sleeping in the floor to console a frightened, sick pug, and nurse him back to health and happiness; for those who have experienced the joy of hearing from a family, years later, who adopted one of your fosters, just to let you know how well that baby is doing - this is for you.

Rescued Hearts

Taking care of rescue dogs is something I do best
I know because I've done it, and I've surely passed the test.

The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed, the vacuuming I've done
And all to watch a frightened soul, sit dreaming in the sun.

My own dogs I've neglected, but I tell them every day,
That I love and cherish each of them though new dogs come to stay.

I know they understand this, for in their eyes I see,
The love that I have given them come shining back at me.

Some people think I am crazy, some others think I am great,
But very few can understand what really is at stake.

If you can love and help a dog to find a better way,
My own life is much richer, I look forward to each day.

So now you know my secret, it's there for all to see,
The love I give, the life I save, I do it all for me.

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