Monday, October 6, 2008

Barktoberfest Is Just The Ticket! Norman Hitzges Gets Some Free Puggy Advice

Cowboy the pug shares an HSO (hot sports opinion) with

Barktoberfest was just The Ticket for Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue Saturday! Our volunteers and highly trained pugs brought in over $200 in donations from the big event. This was one of our most successful events of the year for our group. Local radio celebrity Norman Hitzges from The Ticket, got some free pug advice and coaching tips on the upcoming Dallas Cowboy's season. Cowboy the pug is pictured here confiding to Norm: "Tell the coach to feed them more! Feed them all the time!" Wouldn't it be grand if Norm could be a judge for us on October 26 at Pugoween...

Special thanks to Teresa Santos for being our event coordinator, and to Terri Cockrell and Tina Blevins for their help during the big event. They helped bring in donations with our shirts, caps, and magnets and had six people sign up to be fosters.

Mark your calendars next for the Bow Wow - Pow Wow. More details at our web site event calendar at

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