Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Rescuer's Dream Come True

Luna, after her big bath for her adoption day to Bob and Jan

I got a letter in the mail yesterday from Bob and Jan, who adopted Luna from Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue over a year ago. I remember the day we met Bob and Jan. They were standing by their car pacing in eager anticipation to meet the queen bee, their new puggy girl, Luna. Carlos and I knew right away we were looking at some serious puggy folks here, since they had a shiny new harness in their hands and could hardly wait to tell us all about their other pug, Hugo, and the little puggy girl they had lost whom they had loved dearly. It was time for Hugo to have a new sister!

Luna had been given to pug rescue by a former owner who kept her in a crate all day with her sister. He confided he also kept a cardboard box in the crate so she would not be able to move around much. This way there would be no bathroom accidents for him to clean up at the end of the day.

Bob and Jan took Luna to her new home on Turtle Creek in Dallas last year. They lived several floors up, but were happy to report that, since they were retired, they would be home with her all day and she would be taken down the elevator several times a day for strolls. Their letter yesterday was to let me know they have downsized their Dallas apartment and bought a new place. Luna and Hugo are now enjoying the sand and surf at Hilton Head.

God works in wonderful ways.

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