Monday, October 26, 2009

Ozzie aka Mister August, Calendar Pug

Ozzie, Mister August
Calendar Pug

My name is Ozzie and I’m 5 years old. On December 10th, 2006 my mom, Maury, adopted me from the DFW Pug Rescue. Being one lucky pug, a transporter brought me to a Petco store to meet up with my new family.

I love to go for walks, car rides, and anything a regular dog would do! But my before life wasn’t so great. Thanks to the DFW Pug Rescue, I can leave that behind. I didn’t know what a dog was supposed to do. My brother, Toby, taught me how you’re supposed to pee on everything you see during walks, sniff everything you smell during car rides, chase those annoying little cats around the house, and pull on the chew toy super hard during tug-o-war.

My mom noticed how when she’d take me places and I’d meet strangers, I duck down and get a little nervous. But the most amazing thing was the day she got me. She remembers how as soon as she opened the car door, I hopped out, and placed my two front paws on her knees, wagging my cinnamon bun tail. I think I was truly meant to be part of my family that I have now. And none of this would have ever happened if I wasn’t rescued by the DFW Pug Rescue. And when I was told about being on that calendar…well I was such a proud little puglet.

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