Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rowdy Has Gone to the Bridge

Rowdy the Pug
A Brave Girl and
Heaven's Newest Angel

We are heartbroken to report that Rowdy passed away this week while in the care of our dedicated veterinary staff. Rowdy was hit by a car and subsequently abandoned by her owners before she came to rescue. Our medical team has given her around the clock care for over 2 weeks, and she has had two surgeries. We were all hopeful she was going to recover and find the perfect, loving home. Our vet was devastated when he shared the news. He reported that Rowdy never complained about any treatment she received, and was always happy for a kind word or touch, and wagged her tail whenever you spoke to her.

Today our hearts are broken. We will never, ever forget her loving spirit and her will to survive. Through every treatment and exam she was a love.

Please remember Rowdy in your prayers. She is the newest angel in heaven.

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