Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Story of Hampton - A Special Needs Rescue


The story of how rescuers from across Texas
worked together to save an injured pug on death row.

Hi, my name is Hampton and I'm about 2 years old. On Wednesday I was running down a road in New Braunfels, Texas, when BOOM, something hit me! The next thing I know I was in a shelter with lots of noise and barking dogs and scared kitties. I couldn't move much because my hip and leg hurt pretty bad. I heard the worker there say "This one's got 24 hours." I'm not sure what 24 hours is, but I was hoping it was something delicious to eat.

I guess I was big news, because word went out to all the pug rescues in the area. They said "Hampton's hurt and he's got 24 hours!" But all the pug rescues down there were full up, so a veterinarian contacted Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue. With the help of some Austin pug rescuers, the Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue peeps put on their capes and came right away to save me. Now I am an official North Texas Pug!

This morning Dr. Gumfory and an orthopedic specialist gave me some sleepy juice and then they put a plate in my leg! I found this rather confusing, but they said I will feel much better after all this is over with. Sue, the rescue lady who took my picture, told me they want me to meet some friends and find a furever home as soon as possible. I think she is in love with me, but I tend to have that effect on the ladies.

Please think some positive thoughts for your good pal and new neighbor, Hampton. I'm gonna need some time to heal, but I'll be interviewing families very soon to see if you are ready for Handsome Hampton to become a part of your household.

Don't forget, I come with my own plate!

UPDATE on Hampton!

Hampton had his surgery and Dr. Gumfory is very pleased with how well he is recovering. He is already putting a little weight on his injured leg. Hampton goes to his foster family soon and will be recuperating for a bit while he looks over the applications to adopt him, along with all his fan mail. Thank you to everyone who has donated to help little Hampton getting his dancing legs back!

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Deborah J. Thompson said...

Nancy, the way that you present the stories is a BIG part of the appeal--you make the dogs' personalities jump off the page into our hearts! God has blessed you with SO much talent and continues to do so because you SO generously share it with everyone and everything!

You make us laugh, cry and open our hearts and wallets--those puggles are lucky to have you as an advocate and we are lucky to have you as a friend.