Sunday, May 23, 2010

A New Web Site for DFW Pug Rescue

Mitzu Rescue Pug
Photo courtesy of Lauren Tolbert Miller

Great news! DFW Pug Rescue launched its new Web site this week. Please take a look and let us know what you think! There are lots of great bells and whistles, and we have pictures of some famous rescue pugs throughout the site.

Click here to take a peek!

Potty Problems

There are many theories on how to fix house-training issues. Here are a few of the best, tried-and-true practices, recommended by the ASPCA, PetsMart Obedience Trainers, and a personal friend of mine who is an Obedience Trainer:

1) Control feedings- Only feed the dog in the morning or evening (or both in the case of puppies), and only feed them the recommended amount of food for their breed and size. Then take them out within 30 minutes. They will do most of their business in that time. Also, only leave the water that they need. (Look on the Science Diet & Humane Society's websites for recommended amounts.) Please keep in mind that this method may not be effective or healthy for pets with health problems.

2) Use a puppy pad (or pads). Slowly move it towards the door over a span of a week or two, and then place it outside in the grass. Praise him/her when they go on it outside. Then remove the pad and continue the praise.

3) Take your dog/puppy outside. Watch the them as he/she plays outside. When they do their business praise them profusely. Maybe even give them a little treat! Repeat this every 60-90 minutes for a couple of days. Never rush them. Then do it every couple of hours for a day or two.
They will quickly get the point.

Remember, this takes patients. Be patient with your little boy or girl and they will be successful!

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