Friday, June 11, 2010

Buggy Bug Comes Clean with Some TLC!

Buggy Bug just needs some TLC!

Hi, my name is Buggy Bug. Ever since I moved in with my foster family from DFW Pug Rescue I have been breaking hearts and making the ladies happy. I am only 18 months old so I've got a lot of lovely gals to meet in the future, but the rescue doctors say I have to get some intensive medical care before I start calling all my new sweethearts.

Doc says I have severe demodectic mange and open, bleeding sores on my skin and in my ears that have to do some healing. I was in a lot of pain before my foster mom came to the rescue. I have been loving my baths and giving her lots of kisses every time I get one.

I will be so glad when I get out of the Puggy Isolation Tank so I can introduce myself to my adoring public. In the meantime, if you could help to donate for my medical care, that would be appreciated. I want to start singing "There ain't no bugs on me" as soon as possible!

Buggy came to us with open sores

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