Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Left Behind At the Airport-

Howdy! I was all set for my first plane ride, being as I am named Glider, I thought I had packed everything I needed. Toothbrush - check! Puggy passport - check! However, I guess my family decided they shouldn't have packed me! My Dachshund brother Schemp and I were left at the airport when they found out how much it would cost to fly us with them. The nice airport peeps gave us water and patted us and told us not to worry, the DFW Pug Rescue folks were coming! Now we are both in the care of Westcreek Animal Hospital in the nice cool air conditioning. Ahhhh *sigh of relief* I'll be interviewing new families very soon. At the top of the list will be a family who will love me unconditionally, and never forget about me or leave me behind!

***Please if you are interested in Glider, or any other pugs on our blog, please visit our website and fill out an adoption application. Your next family member could be on our website!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

I cannot believe someone would just leave their dogs at the airport! Poor pug!