Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Ginger Girl

Okay this is Ginger Girl. She weighs about 13 lbs, but we have been working on gaining some weight because you could count her ribs she was too skinny. She's one of the Marlow babies but just as sweet as she can be. Gets along with all the other dogs and ignores the cat. Very active although she doesn't know what to do with toys, which I think is so sad. She is house trained and we are working on the crate training. She will wake up at about 2 am and get really restless and bark a little. I just go in and tell her to go back to sleep and she settles down and goes back to sleep. Gets along with kids just fine. She must have just had a litter because she is recovering from mastitis but otherwise is healthy and ready to go. She loves to be held and loved on. Could sweet little Ginger Girl be your next family member???

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