Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Precious Puddin' Pop! A Pug Girl and Her Wheels

Puddin Pop came to rescue crippled and hardly able to walk after being dumped at a Dallas Animal Shelter. She has had a very rough start in life, but that has all changed thanks to you!
Thanks to everyone who donated, she now has a full wheel cart. Her foster mom said she is doing very well with her new wheels, and has tried it out on the sidewalk and in the grass. She has passed the driving test, the written exam, parallel parking, and even negotiated a few cones in the rain! Just kidding about that last part, but she is doing ver well. Puddin has started a new chapter in her life. Her new wheels have given her the ability to move around easily for the first time in years.

Puddin Pop has severe osteoarthritis in her back legs, in both hips and knees, and she has bad disks in her spine and several deformed vertebrae. Her condition has gone untreated for a very long time and so her injuries are permanent. She has learned to cope with her disabilities and she has very little mobility in her rear legs. She will try to walk by using her legs to do a scissor cross and then she falls. She then will just sit and drag herself everywhere. She is a doll and just wants to be loved. She is still very thin and we are working on that and she is loving every minute of it.
She is only seven years old and has many years ahead of her to enjoy being treated like a princess. We will share pictures of Puddin and her new wheels so stay tuned and thank you again for helping this precious pug.

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