Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Husky Honey Mahdi

Looking for a lot of dog in a small package? Then I’m your husky honey. I’m an 8 year old female fawn pug named Mahdi (that’s Maddie, to you Texans) and I’m looking for a forever home with the right guy and/or gal. I am very well behaved and am potty trained. My favorite activity is lying beside my human hunk on a sofa or recliner while he watches TV or takes a nap, or lying at his feet when he is on the computer. If you’re good, I’ll show you the tip of my tongue and if you’re very good I’ll smile and show you my bottom teeth. I also like to take romantic walks at dusk & dawn, (after all, a girl has to stay in shape, even if that shape is round) provided the walks are at my pace and not too long. I know to go outside if it is not time for a walk; but haven’t figured out the doggy door yet. If one of my new foster friends go out, I can follow.

I like lady humans too, but it’s the men that curl my tail. I get along with male dogs, but do not do well with other female dogs. After all there is only one queen bee, and that’s me. By the way, I’ll always let you know when I need to use the outdoor powder room.

Don’t let the pretty face and sweet disposition fool you, I can snort, wheeze, and grunt with the best of them. And I’ll wait my turn when being fed with other dogs, provided my turn is first. Just don’t stand between me and my food – after all, I AM a Pug … all Pug. Call me! Let’s you and me do lunch (or any meal).

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