Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DFW Pug Rescue's 14th Annual Pugoween

Oh my goodness! Pugoween 2010, our 14th annual, was a huge success!!!
We had 960 people in attendance and there were 469 dogs.

Wally made an appearance as Ernie from Sesame Street!

Judge Judith, Sandy Ludwig, and Jenna Owen from the Kidd Kraddick show did a great job judging!

It was the best Pugoween ever! Please go ahead and mark your calendars for next year. We are already counting down the days!
Those of you who were there, did you have a favorite pug costume this year? What about those pug races??? (stay tuned for a video!)

Thank you to all the wonderful people that organized and made Pugoween what it is----y'all did awesome.

Stay tuned...more photos coming up (and a video!)

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kathy nieto said...

Pugoween was wonderful. Thank you DFW Pug Group, my family and I had a great time watching all the pugs. your group does such a great service to the pugs.