Monday, November 8, 2010

Our Two Critical Needs Pugs - The Spice Girls

Hi, you have undoubtedly heard of us since I am told we are quite famous. We are the Spice Girls! I am Coriander, the lovely brunette, and my sister is Paprika, the beautiful blonde. We were dumped at the shelter when our little bodies were too thin and diseased to make puppies anymore. We are 3 years old.

On the day we were picked up by the lady from DFW Pug Rescue, something wonderful happened. Cory and I both got hugs. The lady who picked us up said she did not care how we smelled or looked, she thought we were the most glamorous and beautiful sisters she had ever laid eyes on. We had never been petted or loved before, so we were so happy to get hugs. She said we were movie star material if she ever saw it, and so we are leaving our humble beginnings behind and we are headed for the bright lights because we are the Spice Girls.

Cory is feeling better every day and I am so relieved. The rescue peeps were very upset because they could count our ribs. We had almost no hair and had mange, heartworm and other parasites. The doctors have given us tender loving care at the rescue vet clinic, and as soon as we are healthy again, with a little more meat on our bones, we will be ready to start our national tour opening up for Lady GaGa.

We would love to be adopted together to a loving family who can keep up with our touring schedule and the pupparazzi, but the rescue peeps said we will also be able to find homes separately if need be. It is going to be a little while before our treatments are done, but we are counting the days until we are ready for our glamour photo shoots! Look out pug world, here we come!

Please open your hearts and give to help the Spice Girls – we want to give them the absolute best care and the love they have always deserved.

If you are interested in our Spice Girls-Coriander and Paprika or any of the pugs you see here, then please please please go over to our website and fill out an adoption application . If you want to take a peek at all the cutie pies please click HERE

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shazartist said...

Hi Nancy,
What a great site..I hope the the spice girls find their forever home.
How people do these things to there animals I will never understand.
cheers from down under.