Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Della Needs Your Help!

Hi, I'm Della and I am a very special pug, even though I am only 9 months old! On Tuesday I was hit by a car and the doctors said my leg and pelvis were broken. My family was heartbroken because they could not afford my care, so they had to give me to rescue.
Dr. G and his staff have been giving me medicine to help me feel better until my big surgery on Friday. They are bringing in a specialist just to help with my surgery, so I am pretty sure that I am special. The nurse techs have all told me that I am a beautiful, sweet girl and they've given me their best pillows and soft blankets to keep me from hurting while I am resting. When I am healed from my surgery, I will want a home where I can run and play and resume my happy life as a special, young pug. I hope you will keep me on your holiday wish list, because I've asked Santa to find me the perfect home.

Della's surgery will cost approximately $3500.
We are absolutely determined to give her the medical care she needs to heal and thrive again as a healthy pug. Please open your hearts and help us pay for Della's surgery.

(If you ever want to make a donation to DFW Pug Rescue...just click that green button there on the right that says "donate". We appreciate every single donation. The pugs thank you!!!)

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