Thursday, March 24, 2011

Critical Needs Bayou Biscuit

Hi, I'm Bayou Biscuit from Nah'Leans and I am depending on the kindness of strangers today. The rescue folks say that even though I am hardly a baby, I have a severe skin infection that needs some expensive medical treatment. I am a high energy gal who likes to get things done, so my to-do list goes like this:

1 - Get better quick
2 - Select my furever family
3 - Assist them in picking out a bonnet
4 - Win the bonnet contest at Pugapalooza
5 - Wear my crown and blue ribbon all year long

Since the cute puggy bonnet contest at Pugapalooza is right around the corner, I hope you can see why I need to be even more stunning as quickly as possible. I came to Dallas after some nice rescue folks from New Orleans called DFW Pug Rescue a few weeks ago. They wanted me to get the medical care I need and to find a perfect home.  

Please open your hearts and help me with my medical bills. I want to be beautiful in time to meet all my admirers for the big spring event on April 9! (If you would like to help sweet Bayou Biscuit...all you have to do is click that green button there on the right!  It will pull up paypal.  Bayou thanks you!)

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