Saturday, March 5, 2011

Donations Needed Please-

This wonderful portrait courtesy of

We have so many pugs in foster care awaiting homes, our medical costs are growing. Please open your hearts for our most critical needs pugs.

Razorback Max (in the photo), age 8, saw the neurologist for an MRI to determine why his back legs are not working properly. Unfortunately, he is not a candidate for surgery and an order has been placed for him to receive a special cusom cart. Please open your hearts and help this handsome fellow! ($1200 plus)

Harrington, age 4, needs an MRI from the neurologist. He weighs 33 pounds and is not very alert, the doctors suspect a possible liver shunt or fluid on the brain. This little one really needs a stable loving home. ($3500 plus)

Pookee, hospice pug, needs a test for Cushings Disease ($250 plus)

Mandy has collapsing trachea, and needs heartworm treatment ($500 plus)

Miss Chloe is a sweet elderly female with chronic ear infections and tumors in her ears ($500 plus)
Tucker needs a mast cell tumor removed and needs Xrays to determine his abnormal gait ($1200 plus)

All that you need to do is click on that green button there on the right that says "donate". From there it will take you to paypal and you can make a donation. The pugs thank you!

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