Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Snuggle Bear

I am Bear, and my name sure does fit me! I am a cuddle bear, a snuggle bear, and a huggable bear! I am a sweetheart who gets along with just about everybody! I don’t mind cats, and I love older kids. I get along with other dogs, but the best home for me probably shouldn’t have a leader dog, as I like to be the leader. I love to play with toys and people. I know how to “sit”, “stay”, and I “come” when I am called. I am ready to learn more tricks, too!
I had some difficulty in my past, and I have the scars to show it. However, I am all about the present and the future! My life has really turned around, and I have left the bad parts behind. My foster Mom says I “celebrate life” and I am looking forward to meeting my new family, so we can celebrate together! I am such a friendly fellow, and I love to get out on walks and meet the neighbors and their dogs. I am curious about the world around me, and it is fun to explore. Here is something funny that I do – if you get to chatting when we are out and about, I will gently put my paw on you or the other person so you remember I am there! How cute is that?

If you need a Bear in your life (and who doesn’t!), then please ask for me on your application. I would love to show you my tricks, and then we can go home and you can teach me some new ones!!

If you are interested in rescuing Snuggle Bear or any of the wonderful pugs you see here, then please please please go over to our website and fill out an adoption application . If you want to take a peek at all the cutie pies please click HERE

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