Friday, September 16, 2011

September 17-25 is Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week, and Dallas Ft Worth Pug Rescue has plenty of reasons to celebrate!
Meet Elmer, age 10, a mellow little velcro pugs who loves belly rubs. Elmer is just one of over 15 senior and special needs pugs like Anna, Betsy, Blossom, and many others waiting for the perfect family and the loving home they have always deserved. Senior pugs are often blind, deaf, or arthritic but they have so much love to give.
You can read more about Elmer and all of our senior and special needs rescue pugs on our Web Site at

Here are just a few good reasons to adopt a special needs or senior pug!
- Older pugs are more mellow pugs who like to relax
- Senior pugs love couch potato time 
- Blind pugs will never raise an eyebrow when you put on those jeans from high school
- Deaf pugs don't bark at the UPS delivery guy 
- Special needs pugs are gentle and full of love 
- Older pugs have years of professional pug pile experience

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Mia said...

Those are fabulous reasons to adopt a Special Senior Pug!!!


Jess & Mia