Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Warm Welcome From Our Pug Rescue Family to Yours!

 Oscar, Kelly, Katie and Baron aka Bear

Hello DFW Pug Rescue Friends and Family! We are Kelly and Katie and we are going to start helping out on the blog. We just wanted to send out a short little bio so we can all get to know each other!

  • Katie’s sister 
  • Owns 2 pugs, Oscar and Baron 
  • Has a hundred photos of her pugs on her phone 
  • Makes them wear outfits 

  • Kelly’s sister 
  • Owns one diva cat, Peaches 
  • Currently looking to adopt a pug of her own 
  • Likes to take naps on Kelly's couch with the pugs (that's why they like her best) 

  • Black pug 
  • aka Owie Boom Bowie, Osky Boom Bosky, The O, Oboe
  • Likes to sneeze into your mouth when you are yawning 
  • Must touch the kitchen rug before proceeding outside to eat 

  • Fawn pug
  • aka Bear Bear, Safety Pug (see: bright orange harness)
  • Adopted last year through DFW Pug Rescue
  • Doesn’t like to be shooed off the couch, will go limp 

We’re so excited to be part of DFWPR blog and we can’t wait to help share the stories of the pugs that come our way! Please check back often for information about all of the special and fantastic events DFWPR puts on every year, but most importantly, to read and share the stories of rescued pugs and pugs in need!

Also, never hesitate to leave any comments if you have any questions, suggestions, or stories you want to share. We will read every one of them! We will most likely read them out loud to Baron and Oscar because they always want to know what’s going on, but not to Peaches because she couldn't care less.

And just to get things started, here are some photos of our little family (please excuse the cat picture, but Peaches didn't want to be left out):

Baron and Oscar taking care of business.
Kelly and the pugs enjoying the hammock.

Peaches, the diva cat. She'd love a pug brother, right?


wally's mom said...

I am soo glad to see Baron. I helped you when you took him home that wonderful day. He looks great. Glad you will be helping here.

Katie said...

Yes, we remember you! Thank you for all your help. We are so happy with him! Wonderful little Bear-Bear.