Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Farewell Lil Weezy

Two former DFW Pug rescuers wanted to share their story about their rescued pug, Lil Weezy. 

He passed away just a week ago but they have written a beautiful tribute to him. Please click on the link below to learn about Lil Weezy and the love a rescued dog can bring to anyone. 
We are so thankful for all the little pugs and all the rescuers.  

As Lil Weezy's rescuer wrote:

I’ll never understand how his former owners could have surrendered him and his brother at age 10 to the Dallas-Fort Worth Pug Rescue. But we are so grateful they did. Somewhere, Lil Weezy is running so fast without tripping, wheezing or having any accidents. His eyes, ears and hind legs all work like they should. We’ll miss him always and we’re better, more compassionate and loving people thanks to him.

Notes: Donations to DFW Pug Rescue in Lil Weezy’s name can be made online. Or, better yet, adopt a pug.

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