Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Major Pug Rescue Effort Under Way

Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue conducted its biggest rescue campaign in the history of the charity organization on Saturday, bringing in 37 pugs. Volunteers, techs, and doctors worked around the clock for three days to provide immediate care for these little ones, some with chronic health issues and one 3-year old named Tia, whose intestines are partially outside her body and who needs emergency lifesaving surgery.

"Sometimes opportunities present themselves and you have to take a leap of faith," said DFW Pug Rescue Director Sue Chapman. "A few days ago we were presented with the possibility of rescuing up to 75 pugs. The directors made a rapid decision - We would do this. Our Crisis Team traveled on short notice, and now we are waiting on heartworm tests. Then they will all be spayed and neutered."

Most of the pugs are young, under 5 years old, shy, and somewhat fearful, but curious about this new world that awaits them, she said. "We have over 31 pugs that need foster homes quickly. We need your help. We need donations. We believe every one of these lives is precious and worth saving," Sue said. "Thank you so much to Joanne Meriwether, Debra Hutchinson, and Jen Umbright who traveled day and night to bring these precious pugs to us safely."

Fifteen males and 22 females, some pregnant, are being boarded while we try to find foster homes. With spring break coming up, we have been asked to move most of these pugs out of the boarding facility and find foster homes as quickly as possible.

Our veterinary costs just to vaccinate, provide immediate critical care, and board these rescues is significant. Please open your hearts and help us to nurse these young pugs back to health, and give them the happy, healthy lives they have always deserved.

Our veterinary costs are 
over $12,000 
for their most immediate
medical needs, and for Tia
who needs lifesaving surgery

Here are 4 of the 37 rescued pugs:

Harry Potter 
Harry Potter




To Be Named

 Stay tuned for more information, more pictures, and more pugs!

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