Monday, June 17, 2013

Desperate For Your Help

This is it guys. Now is the time. Now is the time to help. 

Summer is the time of year animal rescuers dread. Adoptions slow down, pugs are relinquished by their owners, pugs are left at shelters in high numbers, and foster homes become scarce as family vacations commence.
Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue has over 90 pugs in rescue including 14 pugs in clinics this week. Only 5 of the clinic pugs have foster homes waiting for them. Beyond that, we have 6 more pugs waiting to come into rescue. Many of the families who wish to give up these pugs to rescue are waiting patiently while we try desperately to recruit new foster homes for them. 
However, a few are in danger and must be brought into rescue immediately. 

We need fosters. We need funds. We need your help.


Just look at these precious pugs waiting for their forever home!
And we have a special right now with Senior Pugs: 2 for 1!!!

Please consider becoming a foster for these sweet pugs.
Fill out a foster application here.
If you know someone who would like to foster or is even thinking about it, have them take the first step and fill out the application!

While we are always accepting online donations here,
we currently also have 3 auctions running that will benefit three very special, critical care pugs.
Auctions end Sunday, June 23rd at 7 pm.

Meet Beautiful
Beautiful was found in the home of her owner after he had passed away. Her eyes were in such bad shape, they both had to be removed. 
All of a sudden her life was turned dark and upside down - did she let this dampen her spirit? 
Beautiful has found comfort in the new humans around her and she always has her tail wagging. 
Besides her emergency eye surgery, she will need additional care as she is continued to be evaluated.

Click here to see Beautiful's auction

Meet Veronica Pearl 
Veronica Pearl has had it rough from the beginning. Whether it was the hand she was dealt or early trauma, Veronica Pearl has now been diagnosed with a herniated disk. 
Because of how pug bodies are built, this not only affects the way she walks, sits, or moves in the slighetest, but also affects her bladder and urethra. 
She is on medication but it is recommended she have acupuncture and be reassessed for surgery. 

Meet Annie Bee
Annie Bee is only 8 months old and has been twice rescued: 
Once from craigslist and once by DFW Pug Rescue when her medical needs grew. 
It is suspected that Annie Bee had a troubled and dangerous birth resulting in trauma to her frontal lobe. 
She needs an MRI and further assessment for her seizures.

 Click here for Annie Bee's auction

We are also holding a garage sale!! 
You can donate to the garage sale on Saturday, June 22 between 8 am and 3 pm.
Then you can shop at the garage sale on Saturday, June 29 between 8 am until 4 pm.

The address for donations and for the garage sale is

Please help us anyway you can.

"Help us now so Sarah McLachlan doesn't have to sing that song again."


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