Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dedicated to Dewey

From Janeen Young
DFW Pug Rescue Volunteer
and Dewey's foster mom

Foster Haiku
My young foster pug
You took your place in my heart
Rest in peace sweet boy

Dewey was a 2 year old foster pug that I had for one week. The first minute I met him, I fell in love with him. I have a thing for black pugs, and he was kryptonite to my weakness!

He had a sweet personality and just loved people. He also loved other dogs. He loved to play and run. He had the most adorable smile. I really got a kick out of him! When he got his pets, he would get the most blissful look on his little face. He loved physical contact with people and he just couldnt get enough. He would lean into me as if he was trying to meld into me. He loved that kind of contact. I was happy to provide it!

When he got a chewie bone, he would run and bury it in the couch, or take it outside to bury it in the leaf pile. He remembered exactly where each was hidden, and when he dug it out later, he would carry it around like it was a precious treasure. He would show it to the other dogs and try to make them jealous!

Dewey was a stray that ended up in a local shelter. One of our wonderful transport people went to the shelter and brought him into our rescue where he entered our foster system. I was the lucky one who got to take him home. He was so smart. He learned to sit in a matter of 6 attempts . We were working on other obedience fun, too. He was a joy.

I will miss his adorable little face and smiling eyes. Unfortunately, he met his demise on Sunday due to heartworm complications. One minute he was happily chewing on a rawhide, and the next he was gone. What a terrible waste. And, so simple to prevent - a yummy treat from the doctor once a month.

Run free at the bridge, sweet Dewey angel.


The Muse said...

awwwww. :(
What a tender tribute.

Leah said...

So cute and sweet. Run free at the Bridge, Dewey!

Tris and Sparky's human said...

Janeen, Thank you for all you do for these babies! You are definitely a special person (as are all foster parents!) Dewey - you're in good company now...sweet angel!