Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All Good Pugs Go to Heaven

All Good Pugs Go to Heaven
Official DFW Pug Rescue Card
So many of us have said goodbye to little puggies over the years, and some very recently. Our hearts go out to everyone who has an empty spot on their couch that was once kept warm by a snorfley loving puggy.

I created this card for
Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue so they can share the sentiment with our friends.

I always wondered how on earth it was possible to survive multiple losses of these babies, since I lost one of my own, Winnie Wiggles, to encephalitis last year. But I have also learned, through fostering and volunteering and having three little pugs of my own, that the more pugs you let into your life, the more your heart expands to hold such a huge amount of love.

This card is dedicated to the pug rescuers throughout the country.
God bless you and may the angels bring every neglected, forgotten pug into the safety of your arms.


LydiaAndPugs said...

What a great card. It reminds me of when our family lost Lydia last year. The Central FL Pug Rescue has the "Rainbow Bridge" poem, which always makes me cry. If you go to the website: www.centralfloridapugrescue.org, and click on "Paws to Remember," you'll find.

Leah said...

Nancy, can we order these cards? I would love to have some.

Nancy and the fatties said...

Hi Leah! the cards are $2.50 each and all proceeds go to DFW Pug rescue. How many would you like?