Monday, May 4, 2009

Willie the One-Eared Pug

That looks delicious!

Hi everyone. I'm Willie the one-eared Pug. I was born in a puppy mill where my mom chewed off one of my ears when I was a wee tike. Well, I had two of them, after all. So I don't even mind that I have one ear. I am still quite handsome.

Like my mom, I grew up as a working dog in a local puppy mill. I have been working all my life and living outdoors in a pen. The breeder decided to give me up because I am really old - almost three years old, and she wants younger pugs.

The pug rescue folks said I am going to the vet's office to get tutored this week. I'm not sure what I will learn there, but someone said it has to do with juevos. I sure hope so, I do love juevos. I am very playful and I need a family who understands I am gonna need a little training about how to be an indoor pet.

Please take a chance on me. Thanks for looking!


Tee said...

Hello Willie,

If we weren't such a handful and so far away from where u are, the Chief would definitely take you in!

We thinks you are furry handsome with one ear. We hope you find a loving home soon!

Licks and Wags

Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

Bubbles' Mom said...

If I thought I could handle another pug with Bubbles, I would snatch you up in a heartbeat and whisper sweet nothings into your other ear! LOL

Love to you, Willie!
Rachel & Bubbles