Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wally's World

Hi, I'm Wally. Little did they know
when those rescue folks took me in,
I am a professional singer.

I like to pick up chicks in my deluxe stroller. This cutey
is Polly, my step-sister. Good thing I went on that diet and
lost 5 pounds after I got rescued. Otherwise she'd be walkin!

When I'm not hangin out with my mom, I like
to kick that ole Harley and go visit my peeps.

This is me with some of my bestest pals. That's me on the far left,
then there's Pixie, Polly and Pogo, another puggy that came from
rescue. Right now we're plannin our strategy for DFW Pug Rescue
Pugoween in October. We'll be lookin for you all there!


Gabriella Moonlight said...

Oh my, Wally is one hot tamale!!!
What a dear baby!


Carolyn said...

He is adorable and I wish I could have him. Carolyn

Maggie May said...

What lovely photos of a great little dog!