Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pauline the Special Needs Pug - A Perfect Lady!

Pauline - Special Needs Pug

Her mammary tumor

Pauline is a perfect little lady!

Pauline is a little senior pug lady with perfect poise and personality plus! As you can see from the pictures, she has a large mammary tumor that will be removed when she is spayed. She is recovering from two heartworm treatments and will go back for a third heartworm treatment in three weeks.

Pauline is approximately 10 years old and has limited vision but gets around just fine. She is a very sweet, easy to take care of, senior lady. We are hoping she will find the perfect furever loving home in time for Valentine's Day!


zenmasterlauren said...

she is a beauty!!!!!!!!!

Olive said...

She sure is a beauty...I will be thinking of her. I am in DFW as well.

Best to you ...I will let some friends know about Pauline too.

Tail Wags from me..

Olive :)