Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Weelee Needs Wheels

Weelee - 9 weeks old - Special Needs Pug

Pug lovers please read about WeeLee and see if you can help. WeeLee is only 9 weeks old and was dealt a huge blow when she was born. She has no tendons in her back legs and has no use of them at all. Weelee is testing our slogan of NO PUG LEFT BEHIND in a big way.

A specialist was consulted about her and he says surgery is not an option for her and he gave us two choices...1) get her a cart so she can get around 0r 2) Euthanize her. Well we would not be the rescue we are known for if we chose the latter. Our major obstacle in helping her is she is going to need several carts as she will grow like any Pug puppy does so the carts will be outgrown quickly.

The other problem is foster care for a puppy that can't walk. I will take care of the foster part in house but we need help with paying for the things WeeLee will need. She was rescued from what we believe to be a puppy mill situation and has not had a fair chance at the life a pug puppy deserves. We want to give her a fighting chance and we cannot do it without support of Pug lovers everywhere. We also realize this is the Christmas season and a bad economy does not help but Weelee did not ask for this...we are asking for her.

Again please help us give this sweet little girl a chance. Every dollar will count and remember it is a tax deduction. Thanks from all of us here at DFW Pug Rescue and Happy New Year.

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