Friday, January 29, 2010

Two Hospice Pugs Have Gone to the Bridge

Rocky P - Hospice Pug

Old St. Nick - Hospice Pug

Heaven is a brighter place today. Rocky P and Old St. Nick have gone to the bridge. We send a special thank you to their foster families for all the loving care these two hospice pugs received. And thank you to everyone who donated for their medical care - it is what allows us to take in these wonderful older pugs who need a safe and comfortable place to living out their remaining time.

Because DFW Pug Rescue takes in ALL Pugs, regardless of age or medical condition, there are times when the pugs who come into our care are very elderly or in extremely poor health. When this happens, a very special group of foster families steps in. Foster families who take in hospice pugs are often our best volunteers who do an immense amount of work for pug rescue. They provide a safe haven and a home with unconditional care and love for pugs who may have never known a kind touch before they came to us.

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This touches me deeply. Thanks to all those kind people who would love these little babies over the bridge.