Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Smooch the Pug - Undeniably Adorable

Smooch the Pug


Smooch's graying face is deceptive. He's only middle aged! (This picture really doesn't do him justice.) Smooch certainly lives up to his name with all of the kisses he gives his foster mommy!

Smooch is a devoted pug. "He follows me everywhere. Where I go, he goes", his foster mom says. Well mannered, comical (the best breed characteristic if you ask me, and one that this boy definately lives up to!!), and attentive. He loves his pug siblings and his foster mom's children. In my time with Smooch, I found him to be a relatively laid back, and pleasant dog and a joy to take on walks.

This wonderful little man would make a great addition to the right home!

Smoking and Your Pet - Nothing to Sneeze At!

We all know that second hand smoke can have negative effects on humans, but what about our four legged friends? The American Journal of Epidemiology published a study that showed that pets who lived in houses with people who smoked inside their homes were 60% more likely to develop nasal or lung cancer. Also, according to several studies conducted in the veterinary science community, pets of inside smokers are also more prone to mouth and throat cancer. But how could that be? The pets aren't smoking the cigarettes themselves!

Ash and dander from cigarettes settles in pet's fur and gets digested by them when they groom themselves. Digesting nicotine is also dangerous for the digestive tracts of pets, especially those with already sensitive systems like our beloved pugs!

Then there's the should-be-obvious respiratory effects, which obviously pertain even more to our smushy-faced little pals... This isn't an anti-smoking add though... all we're saying is, please don't smoke around your pugs, or any other pet for that matter. Step outside. Sit near an open window, and exhale toward the opening. Have a designated smoking room that the pets aren't allowed in. Basically, be mindful of your four legged friend's environment. Their health is in your hands.

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