Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Midas Travels to the Sunshine State

Me getting admired by the Pug Travel Security Authorities

Me and my new mom, Libby Who Adores Me

Hi, this here is Midas and I am busy earning my wings today. I got all dressed up this morning to meet my new mom, Libby, at the airport. She instantly fell in love with my good looks, charm, and excellent taste in traveling attire. I also got lots of attention from the airport workers, flight attendants, and passengers at the airport. As you can see, the pug-parazzi was there in full force to document my every move.
When I met my new mom, I gave her lots of kisses and told her the great state of Florida was going to get a new pug resident today! I think she thought I said I was gonna be President, and I didn't want to correct her or anything, in case that means I get extra treats.
Thanks to all the folks at DFW Pug Rescue for helping me find the perfect home where the palm trees sway. I'm gonna be a beach puggy!

1 comment:

Joan said...

HOORAY!! Another very Precious Puggie receives a Forever Home! Excellent post! I love happy endings/beginnings!!
Pug Smiles,
Joan & Skippy