Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday to DFW Pug Rescue Club!

A few words from Fred-

On July 26th, DFW Pug Rescue Club celebrates its 13th birthday. 
From the beginning of our organization, the only reason we have been able to continue to rescue pugs is because of our volunteers.  Without volunteers we would not exist.  Over the past 13 years there were times that we only had a few volunteers and with a high burn out rate we have seen a lot of volunteers come and go.
In the past 24 months, we have been blessed with a great group of volunteers and in February 2009, we organized DFWPRC to create teams responsible for different tasks (adoptions, events, fostering, transportation, website, news media, etc.) -- all operated by volunteers.  There are no paid positions and only because of your dedication and willingness to help save pugs is the only reason we are the largest pug rescue group in the U.S.
Thanks to all of our volunteers -- whether you are new to DFWPRC or have been around for many years (Tim), your involvement has help save over 5,000 pugs.
Onward to our next 13 years of saving pugs.

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