Monday, June 28, 2010

Will is a Cutie Patootie!

Hi, my name is Will and I am 5-7 years old. I got lost and animal control picked me up. No one claimed me but my foster dad came and got me out of jail! Now I need a new forever home. Can you imagine that with a face like this? I love cookies. My foster dad buys them for me at Petco and they are the best thing ever. The vet says I was either hit by a car or fell a long time ago and hurt my back. I have a couple of old ruptured discs in my back but that doesn't stop me at all. I play with my foster brother all the time and would love to go to a house with a friend for me to play with, or a parent that likes to sit with me and pet me. I am very loyal. If you help me on the bed or in the chair with you I will keep you company all day! Did I mention I love cookies? It would be best if I could go to a home without stairs and very small children so my back doesn't get hurt any worse. Older children would be ok, though. I am a very good dog and I would really love to find a forever home. And if I didn't mention it, I really like cookies!

***Thanks to your generous donations, Will was able to have his surgery and is recuperating in a foster home now. He is doing great and his only complaint is not being able to raid the cookie jar!

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