Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hampton...Has Been Adopted!

Do you remember Hampton??? Here was his story---

there, it’s me again, Hampton! You probably remember me, I’m the famous puggy who got rescued from death row in South Texas after I got hit by a car and tossed in the slammer. I am doing great after my two...surgeries. I am learning to play and again. Foster mom said she likes when I lay my head on her shoulder, but as soon as my feet hit the ground I am all about play! I got an A plus on my first report card for playing tug of war with gusto, for being a super snuggler with foster brother and sister at naptime, and being a guard dog who barks when strangers knock on the door. Pretty good for a 2 year old if I do say so myself! I got an A for house training and crate training, but I only got a B in manners. I am not sure why manners are so important, they are highly overrated if you ask me."

In the words of Nancy, "apparently one of the families he interviewed have agreed to give him the open refrigerator door policy he had been insisting on!"

You want your own Hampton, you say? Well head on over to our available pugs page on our website, read their bio's carefully, and find which sweetie pie would match your family the best!

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