Saturday, July 10, 2010

Update on Operation Rescue

UPDATE ON OPERATION RESCUE - DFW Pug Rescue took in 14 pugs from Marlow, Oklahoma this week. They are all receiving medical attention, and all are in desperate need of dental care, so any donations are greatly appreciated. Two are pregnant. Half of the rescues went to our Westcreek Clinic, and half to our Trinity Clinic - here is the report from Ute, our volunteer who dropped off pugs at Creekside:
The Creekside Six - I am happy to report that all the pugs at Creekside animal hospital have had baths, and are clean tonight. One has already been spayed, and is Heartworm negative, so she should be ready to go to a foster soon. It is amazing what a little water and soap can do. Tanner, one of the males appears to be crate trained and will go outside to do his business, he is the clinic staff favorite. He held still like he had been bathed before. what a great dog.The others were a little apprehensive about getting bathed, and the black male Scribbs literally soaked me from top to bottom, but when he was dried off he gave tons of kisses. As matter of fact they all gave kisses, they seemed happy to be clean too. Although these pugs were breeders, they are used to being handled by people,and are friendly. A couple of the girls, Molly a small black female, and Mable a fawn female, are shy at first, but warm up very quickly.

Unfortunately all of them appear to have pretty bad Periodontal disease, and as a result horrible tartar buildup and bad breath. We are unable to afford dentals at this time. Please consider a donation to help these little guys out.
If you would like to make a donation, just click on that green button there to your right. Log into your paypal. Any amount no matter how large or small helps these pugs out! Thank you!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much to all of you who made this happen for the sweet puggies! They are a very good looking crew and will have no problem finding a forever home, once they are in tip top shape.

Many thanks also to the Drs. and staff at Westcreek and Creekside who take in these homeless pups and move them toward long and healthy lives!