Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mitzi the 7 Year Old Sweetie

Hello, my name is Mitzi.  My foster parents don’t know much about my first few years.  I am about 7 years old and was rescued by our Aunt Cheryl.  During the first part of my life I lived with a breeder and his wife.  I had a lot of babies; my foster dad says it is because I am a exceptionally pretty pug with a great face so they kept me to make pretty babies.  The breeder sold me to an elderly lady who had pugs when she was young, and she never thought I would be too much for her to care for so Aunt Cheryl rescued me and called my foster parents who called the wonderful people at DFW Pug Rescue.  After going to the doctor, I did not have much wrong with me; they took to my foster home.  I have three sweet foster sister-pugs and we all get along great, the youngest one has started letting me cuddle up and sleep with her.  My favorite thing is to sleep, either in a lap, my bed or on the couch beside someone.  I love to have my belly rubbed; I love twisted bull-sticks; and lying in the bright morning sun in front of the tele.  I would be happy in a home with other pugs or just with myself.  My foster parents tell me everyday what a great home I am going to have and even more love than I get now!

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