Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sophie-A Tiny Girl Fighting for Her Life

Sophie weighed only 9 pounds when came to pug rescue after her owner passed away. She was frail and very hungry when our rescuers picked her up. She had gone without food for some days before she was discovered.

Sophie is a tiny girl and she is one of our most beloved rescues. She has had a very tough time and is fighting now to survive. Her owner passed away and Sophie was found at her owner's side. The grown children surrendered her to a shelter and then called DFW Pug Rescue. Sophie was very frail and hungry when we picked her up, and she was frightened and grieving.

Sophie has gone through heartworm treatment, which has been very hard on her little body. She developed pneumonia and we almost lost her. She is a real fighter and wants to survive, but she is going to need a great deal of medical care. Our veterinarian said Sophie has severe luxating patellas in her back legs and they are also concerned about her pancreas. She may need special additives in her food in the future. She is having bloodwork done to see if her body is able to absorb the nutrients it needs to heal.

Sophie is only 8 years old and has a lot of life ahead of her, and deserves to be treated like a queen. We are in great need of funds to help with her medical treatment.

Please consider helping Sophie by making a donation in her name. Help us to give her the absolute best medical care and all the love she deserves. (Please just click that green donate button there on the right!)

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