Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Della The Pug-A New Year's Miracle

Hi! I'm Della, the pug puppy who came to rescue 2 weeks ago after being hit by a car. My family could not afford my surgeries, so they gave me to DFW Pug Rescue in hopes that Dr. Gumfory could work his magic and help me to walk again.

Two surgeries later, my foster mom says I am already wanting to play. The doctors are calling me their New Year's miracle! It will be a while before I am completely healed and ready for a forever home, but I am enjoying all the attention and love from the vets and their staff while I stay at my deluxe clinic hotel with warm pillows and lots of healing love happening.

Foster mom is a surgical nurse and she scrubbed in for my surgery with the specialist who came to help me. They had to repair two breaks in my pelvis and fix my broken leg. My right side is working perfectly, but I am still a little limpy on my left leg and have a hard time standing up on the tile floor. I can't wait to start running again, but most of all I love being held and told how special I am.

Foster mom said a lot of people have donated to help with my surgeries, so I want to say a special Christmas thank you to everyone who opened their hearts to help me walk again. Thanks to you, I am like the bionic baby pug, and will be able to leap tall grasses and play and run again like a champ before you know it. Foster mom is getting a baby play pen and has already put the crate in the back seat of her car. Do you think she is anxious to bring me home? I think so, but who can blame her? In addition to being bionic puggy, I have the cuteness factor going on!

Please donate to help us pay for the continued care of Della, as additional surgery may be required on her left leg. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped us to rescue this baby girl, and give her the chance at a full, healthy life again! All you have to do is click on that green "donate" button there on the right. Thank you!!!

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