Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Oscar Rahr the Railroad Pug

Oscar Rahr the Railroad Pug, Photo courtesy of Jenny Froh Photography

My name is Oscar Rahr the Railroad Pug, and I am alive and safe today because of the kindness of strangers. A young man found me hiding in the grass near the railroad tracks in Ft Worth a few days ago. Even though I am just a youngster, I had hitched a ride on a railcar with lots of fresh hay and fell asleep to the sound of "clickety clack". By the time I got off the train in Ft Worth, I had completely forgotten what happened in my past. I just knew I was on my way to a better future.

The nice young man called his mom and said there was no way he was going to leave my side and leave me alone by that railroad track. He sat in the grass next to me and held me close for over an hour, and he told me that I was never going to be forgotten and alone again. His mother drove across town to pick me up and bring me out of the heat. She could not keep me because it was clear I needed medical attention and I needed it fast. I was missing an eye and starving and was in terrible shape. So she called DFW Pug Rescue.
 Oscar Rahr the Railroad Pug, Photo courtesy of Jenny Froh Photography

As soon as the call came in, Miss Sara Legvold the rescuer drove across town to meet the kind family who had taken me in and cared for me. She wanted to get me to the doctor quickly and make sure I was going to be okay. Sara and the DFW Pug Rescue folks kept exclaiming about how handsome I was, and what a sweet gentleman pug. Considering I was just a homeless waif and all, I started feeling pretty good about myself. They gave me a big bowl of food and it tasted like heaven to me.  

The doctors said they have no idea how I lost my eye, it is just gone, like my past. I am going to be fine, just as soon as I find the perfect home. I am hoping there is a family out there who is as kind hearted as the young man who sat in the grass and spoke to me gently and told me everything was going to be okay from now on. I promise I won't be much trouble, if you just give me a pat and a hug, plenty of love, and a safe place to stay. 

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was named in honor and memory of Oscar Rahr
the pug of the Rahr Brewery.

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Lotsolove said...

I wish I could give oscar a home. I lost my mr puggles when he got loose at white rock lake...he was my best friend after ten yrs trying I had a miscariage three days after I found I was pregnant after cancer in 97...i have so much love to give