Monday, August 22, 2011

Injured Pug Puppy Brought to Safety

Baby Ivy sleeping

BREAKING RESCUE NEWS - Baby Ivy, age 3 months, was brought in this week from an Oklahoma breeder/puppy mill and was rushed to our vet clinic. Ivy has a severe respiratory infection, ear mites, worms, and a broken leg. The woman who rescued Ivy had answered a Craig's List ad for a black female pug, and the conditions she found there shocked her. She took Ivy from the breeder even though Ivy was very ill because it was clear Ivy would not survive if she did not act quickly. Ivy had become separated from the other puppies and her leg was crudely splinted. Her broken leg had become tangled in the rungs of an overturned chair, and though she was trapped, the breeder ignored her and tried to sell the woman the other puppies. The woman knew she could not care for Ivy, and took her to a vet clinic immediately. The doctors there contacted DFW Pug Rescue because they knew we would help.

Ivy is in a medical foster home and is being isolated from other pugs, although she is in a playpen with many toys and often in her foster mom's lap. She still has a severe cough, and bats at her ears with her tiny paws because they are painful. Ivy will go back to our vet clinic for more Xrays on her lungs and her leg in a week and will be ready to find a forever home when she is completely healed. Ivy will never be ignored, neglected, or forgotten again.

We cannot turn our backs on Ivy. Please help us
to give her the lifesaving medical care she needs.

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