Friday, August 12, 2011

Radar's Rescue

Hi there! I'm Radar and I am freshly arrived to rescue. You might not think a blind, injured young puggy abandoned in El Paso could find his way across the great state of Texas to Dallas, but thanks to some compassionate people, I was fed, loved and delivered safely yesterday! One day I was minding my own business, and the next I found myself left alone in the heat. A lovely lady named Suzanne said I was a big surprise when she found me in her yard, where someone had dumped me. She immediately brought me inside and comforted me and then contacted pug rescue. The puggy transport volunteers hoped right on it, and next thing I knew Miss Barbara was on her way with me to Dallas. She had been trying to entice me with food, but I am a very picky eater, and prefer to eat what is on your plate. I had put in my order for filet mignon and was waiting patiently, but after she tried four kinds of dog food, I settled on the canned goodies. Aunty Barbara said I have a great sniffer, and that I found the water bowl right away. I found her dinner plate, too, since I am very clever. I got along great with her pugs, and was full of energy and curiosity.

One of my paws is injured, so the rescue doctors are checking me out today. I am a happy, smart little pug who needs lots of love (and some patient training). Look out world, Radar has arrived!
DFW Pug Rescue sends a special thanks to Barbara Ramirez and her sister and to Suzanne Bryant for caring for Radar and for transporting him across Texas to safety!

**Photo Credit to Gary Edwards for Radar sitting image : )

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mspencer said...

Thanks so much to the rescue team for getting this little guy to Dallas!! It was quite a trip and I'm sure he appreciates all of your hard work very much!