Monday, September 26, 2011

Shakespeare a Survivor of a Brutal Beating


It's my pleasure to introduce Shakespeare- he is around 7 yo and the newest member of our awesome special needs pug team. Shakespeare has had a rough past, to say the least, he recently had both of his eyes as well as a number of teeth removed because he suffered a brutal beating. He is HW+ and has tapeworm, as well as whipworm, and only recently recovered from coccidia. He is underweight and malnourished- but we're well on our way to rectifying that, in fact, he had bacon with his breakfast today! He hates his kennel and cries and tries to chew his way out if you put him in it. With his past one can only guess what has happened to make him afraid to be in there : ( After the abuse and neglect he has suffered he still only desires your love and affection. He loves nothing more than to cuddle right up next to you and give kisses. Shakespeare gets his sutures out this week and will be one more step closer to recovery! In the meantime his surgery and recovery bills keep adding up, please visit to make a donation for this sweet resilient little guy : )


Jennifer said...

Breaks my heart that people can be so cruel to animals. Glad this baby was rescued and prayers he finds a good furever home.

Vanessa Boehler said...

wow...what an amazing story...this breaks my heart, but reminds me of why I do what I do for these precious pugs!!! Much love and kisses to this baby!

Jenna Hoffman said...

Wow, this is a tearjerker. Thank God for pug rescues across the nation like DFW Pug Rescue and their volunteers. Pugs don't even have mean personalities, they are sweet, playful animals who just want to love you. God Bless his foster mom too!

Marie Reeves said...

This is by far the saddest thing I have ever seen! How people can live
with themselves after commuting such
a cruel act is beyond me. I thank god for the kind people of the world who rescue pugs.

Julie said...

I can't believe someone could hurt that poor pug. They are the sweetest and loving animal. That just breaks my heart. I hope the person that hurt him will never have another pet again.