Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What a better way to kick off the Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week...
than with Abbey's adoption.

That is right a 12 1/2 year old diabetic with failing eye sight was adopted Sept 18th by Jan Fredrickson in Wilmington, Deleware. Jan flew into DFW International Airport for the sole purpose of adopting Miss Abbey. Abbey has been in foster care since October 2010. She was surrendered because she was urinating in the house. It was soon after she was in foster care it was discovered she was diabetic and causing her house issues. Once the sugar was brought under control Miss Abbey was the perfect house guest, but there were still no takers for an old diabetic girl. Ms Fredrickson happened to be cruising a few rescue web sites and she saw Abbey and had to have her. Our wonderful adoption coordinator Jo Ann Meriwether got all the checks done including a home visit and all checked out perfect. Abbey was going to be adopted and her new Mom was coming to the Project Pugway to pick her up. Between the hurricanes and Abbey having some health issues the adoption was put on hold and everyone was very disappointed. Abbey's fosters got her healthy and despite all the issues that arose Ms Fredrickson still insisted that she wanted "our" girl. Sunday, Abbey (after being pried from her foster mom's arms) was delivered to her at a hotel by the airport. Monday she flew first class to her new home that has an older brother Fred (14yr old Pug) and a house kitty. She is going to be loved and well cared for.

For all the senior Pugs that have high hopes for the perfect home- Abbey says KEEP THE FAITH!!! There is a home for everyone out there and DFWPRC will find it for you sooner or later...could that home be yours? Be a hero like Jan. Consider adopting a special needs or senior pug TODAY!!

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