Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ItsyRoo - A Tiny Rescue Miracle

ItsyRoo, 4 months
(Photo by

My name is ItsyRoo and I have a story to tell you! I’m 4 months old, and I am a little teacup sized Pug with a sprinkling of Pomeranian mixed in. The Dallas Fort Worth Pug Rescue folks came to my rescue. My legs turn the wrong way, but I never let any challenge stand in my way, and you can see from my video that I can walk despite my handicap.

Dr. Radach at the surgical center said he has high hopes that he can help me walk again so the rescue folks are asking for donations to help pay for my surgeries and my rehabilitation. The doctors and rescue peeps said I am the most determined three pound baby they have ever seen, and if anyone can make a miracle happen, it can happen to me! Please open your heart and help me to get the surgeries and medical care I need. I want to walk again, because I have a very important journey ahead of me – to find a forever home where I will never be discarded or forgotten again. Please give at

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