Friday, October 8, 2010

An Interview With the Lovely Paula Deen

Reporter: Paula, we are told that you have gone on to great wealth and glory since taking home the grand prize trophy last year, can you confirm that your PugOWeen accolades have in fact changed your life completely?

Paula - yes, in fact, the pupparazzi are still on my doorstep every morning, trying to catch pictures of me for the puggy tabloids. And who can blame them? With my secret recipe ingredient of one stick of butter in every dish, I have all this lovely jiggle going on.

Reporter: Paula, do you have any advice for all the pugs at home who are dreaming of winning that grand prize trophy at PugOWeen this year? Any words of wisdom?

Paula - absolutely, I most certainly do. Puggies, when you are standing before those judges, remember to smile real big and offer them a big ole glass of sweet iced tea with mint on the side. And slipping them each a piece of your marvelous homemade pound cake before the show starts won't hurt your chances, either. *winkies*

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