Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brave Bosswell

Hey there! My name is Boswell. I came into rescue after I was found roaming around on my own. I can't remember how that happened but it makes no difference now because I am safe with my foster family! I am a true sweetheart (no lie). My foster mom said I have spectacular behavior! I sit on command, I'm potty trained, and I don't chew on things that I shouldn't. I am a true snug bug and would like nothing more than to cuddle with my own family. I would love to sleep in the bed with you but I will do just fine in my doggie bed. I don't bark except when I hear that darn door bell or when I'm playing with foster brothers. I'm a happy pug at 7 years old. I still have a lot of pug life let in me. I'm more mellow than hyper so I will do just fine with a family who has kids and other pets. Ask for me on your adoption application! You won't be disappointed.

If you are interested in Brave Bosswell or any of the wonderful pugs you see here, then please please please go over to our website and fill out an adoption application . If you want to take a peek at all the cutie pies please click HERE

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